British Museum London

I visited The British Museum when i was a child, so re-visiting was great.

Exploring all the different areas and seeing lots of different things, although it was too much to see in one day, so will be returning again to explore more.

The Museum is free entry and although tickets were not checked when entering, it is advised to pre-order tickets online before visiting.

Royal Air Force Museum London

The Royal Air Force Museum.

A great day out exploring all different types of planes and learning about the history of The Royal Air Force.

Tickets are free, although need to be pre-booked online before visiting.

Uber Boats by Thames Clipper

I have always wanted to do a boat trip along the Thames. 

When I was a child i did take a trip on the London Duck Tours.

Uber Boats was a calming trip along the Thames  and had some lovely sights of London.

Hoping to travel again and explore other areas.

London Cable Car Greenwich

A lovely trip across London and a great experience, Once in the cable car the journey is a nice trip suspended above the ground and it is very relaxing taking in some nice views of London.  

London Tfl Oyster card and contactless payments are accepted. 

It is important to make sure that when using contactless that you touch in and out correctly.


Camden Town

I visited Camden Town a few times to eat out and have some drinks in the past, but recently returned and it is a great place to be. The people we spoke to and the places we visited all seemed very friendly. Just walking around is so calming although it is busy most of the time but is a chilled place to be.

Will return again soon

London Zoo

I couldn't remember the last time i visited London Zoo, if at all but it was a great day out. 

Saw a wide range of animals, including my favourite Meerkats and penguins.

It was expensive to visit but certainly a lot to see and do.

It was also great to see the location that was used to film the scene from the Harry Potter Movie.


Norwich Cathedral  

During my visit I spent some quiet time in Norwich Cathedral, I cannot fault how lovely and well kept the building is.  I relaxed on the green with my thoughts and if I could have done I would have stayed. I was even approached by a member of staff and was asked if there was anything I wanted to talk about, and if so I can talk to them..

I also visited the grounds of Norwich Castle and sat outside and updated my journal.

Cambridge University Botanic Garden 

My first ever Backpack Trip was January 2022, and what a great place Cambridge is. It was a relaxing place and I would definitely like to return.

The Botanic Gardens are a nice place to relax and explore.

Science Museum - November

The science museum in South Kensington London is always an enjoyable visit. 

There are several floors of things to see and there are activities to undertake as you travel around the museum.

All levels are interesting to see and enjoy, but of course with me having a keen interest in technology, I of course find the technology attraction very interesting.

It is free entry but a donation is recommended to keep the museum open and operating.  


The nearest underground station is South Kensington 

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