The Pavilion - Torquay

This is The Pavilion in Torquay, a lovely building that has fallen into neglect and my personal opinion should be that it should be brought back into use.

It is a grade II listed building which has been used for various different ventures. It was designed as a threatre and it was then turned into a shopping arcade and during that time it also hosted a plastic ice rink.

As of (January 2023) it is still closed and is awaiting restoration to make it safe. It is heavily corroded and has a temporary roof in order to keep it from even more damage.

It needs to be assessed and restored as soon as possible so that there is no further damage.

The West Pier -Brighton

This is what remains of The West Pier in Brighton, it was destroyed by two arson attacks in 2003 which meant that any plans to restore it were not going to happen and therefore is left to collapse until a plan is underway to restore it.

The structure is dangerous and should not be approached by any means because it could collapse at any time.

Jan 2023

My National Express Experience 

I took my first ever coach trip at 8:30 am on Thursday 5th January 2023 from London Victoria to Exeter City Centre and I have to say what a great journey, it was a clear journey from start to finish and such a quick and easy process. The staff were friendly and informative throughout the journey.

I returned on Monday 9th January 2023 and started my journey at Dawlish, Devon at 10:00 a with a return coach departure from Newton Abbot at 11:30. Although it was a difficult start to the day due to train delays due to a signaling problem on the GWR Network, because of this I was told by station staff at Dawlish to catch any train I can so that I can get to Newton Abbot.
Once the coach arrived and it left for London Victoria Coach Station the journey home began and once again the majority of the journey was ok, although despite 3 driver changes and a short delay at Heathrow Airport for which there was no explanation as to why but other than that the return journey was fine. 

I paid £28 return and would have no issues in using the coach again, especially given the fact that there were train delays and I'm sure there will be more in the future and given the prices for a return train ticket, the coach is definitely worth it.

Even now i keep singing the song (“National Express by The Divine Comedy”)


The Seagulls

Nothing beats the sound of the seagulls although I feel some are more aggressive than others.

The best sounding ones (if there is such a thing) are in Devon and Cornwall and it feels great to be back.

I took my first ever coach trip at 8:30 this morning from London Victoria to Exeter City Centre and I have to say what a great journey, it was a clear journey from start to finish.

Would definitely use it again and the price for a return was  £28 so you definitely will not hear me complaining.

Even put the song "National Express by The Divine Comedy" in my head 


The joy of snow

The Snow Effect

As I sit here on the train, going off to do the final bits of my Christmas shopping, I glance up at the window and see some snow on the ground and the buildings but now theirs just lots of ice.  It's been nearly a week since the snow started but in some parts it remains untouched. The show makes me happy but sad when I have to go out in it.

Hopefully one day we will have a white Christmas


18th Dec

Once again brits are fuming because trains are cancelled again due to strike action. 

It is not the first time this has happened, especially throughout 2022. 

Of course this has caused major disruption to the whole country and with some train companies running a limited to no service at all. 

'Whilst I was in holiday and also completing my Backpack trips in Cornwall in August 2022 I had to return home 2 days early due to a planned train strike on the Saturday'

The train was rammed to full capacity and had to stand up for more than 4 hours, the train was held at  Westbury for which it was not meant to stop, when told that the train was being held at the station, several hundreds of people ran for the train on the opposite platform which was also rammed to full capacity'.

Even today when writing this article, trains are once again on strike throughout December 2022 and January 2023.

Train companies need to improve services and work with their unions and staff to maintain standards and bring train strikes to a minimum. 


1st Dec

The coronavirus Pandemic brought the cruise industry to a stand still

The coronavirus pandemic during 2020/2021 not only affected peoples mental health,work and social life,but it was a difficult time for the whole world.

Everything came to a stand still including the ability to not be able to travel anywhere in the world including the UK holiday industry.

During this period a variety of different cruise ships were moored in and around Devon.

Some residents who live in or around area thought it to be a perfect opportunity to get as close as possible to the ships and posing for selfies.

I was lucky enough to get to Dawlish and take some photos, some could even be seen around Brixham Harbour


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