Norwich - Travelodge Central Riverside - May 2022

I have been to Norwich a few times over the years and have always found it a nice place. It had a pleasant high street with a range of shops and restaurants. I have previously stayed at Travelodge Central Riverside, where I once again stayed the night.

Norwich has several different types of restaurants, ranging from well known brands and also independently owned.

I visited on a Sunday so trying to find somewhere to eat was challenging, i chose to eat in the restaurant in the hotel (Travelodge)


Oxford - February 2022 - Travelodge Oxford Abingdon Road

In February me and a mate went to Oxford, which was a great place to explore. We visited the nice and quiet Hinksey Park which is near the hotel. As much as it was a long walk from the station to the hotel, We had a nice walk through the park and even decided to walk it again the next morning which we then realised was a mistake as I struggled to even stand up or walk after. 

We visited the Ashmolean Museum which was a good museum, this is where I took the opportunity to sit down and rest which gave me the stammer I needed to keep going. After this I decided that taking the bus was a good idea. The Oxford University of Natural History is also a good museum to visit. 

There is a shopping centre called Westgate which is very modern and clean and has a good range of shops and restaurants. We ate at Shoryu Ramen and Dirty Bones. We were also given the opportunity to see a performance of the cast of The Osmonds: The Musical.


Cambridge - January 2022 - Travelodge Cambridge Newmarket Road

Me and a mate visited Cambridge in January 2022 and stayed for 3 nights and stayed in Cambridge Newmarket Road Travelodge  and found the hotel to be clean and the staff friendly and would have no issues in returning again in the future. It is about a 40 minute walk to and from the town and station.

During the trip we visited Cambridge University Botanic Gardens. This was a very nice and relaxing place and a nice place to spend some time, even just sitting in the gardens was nice to enjoy the quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

We spent time walking around the town and certainly made sure we got our step and when we had enough we went back to the hotel and chilled and during the night i get scared in thinking someone was trying to break in during the night when the bag that contains the extra pillows fell from the shelf due to the window being open and the wind picking up during the night.

 It was a great trip and a place I would happily return to in the future, I would however stay somewhere much closer in the town, not that i have any issues with the Travelodge.

The hotel for 2 nights  cost £80.98 and was booked directly with Travelodge. 

The train tickets per person were £32.00, these train tickets were booked with The Trainline.

***Please note prices were correct at the time of booking in January 2022


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